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Winning at Work and Home

Winning at Work and Home, a 16-session study, focuses on the two areas that are central to a man's life: career and family. It will begin to build the walls of manhood through study dealing with a man's chief responsibilities. It explores how a man can enjoy and engage his work and how he can relate to a woman in a whole new way.

Chapter Titles:

  1. A Man and His Mirrors
  2. What Men Need to Know About Women
  3. Engaging "Your Woman" Successfully
  4. Staying Close to the Woman You Love
  5. Improving Your Sex Life
  6. How a Man Makes the Money Work at Home
  7. The "Good Life" and Where to Find It
  8. What Every Dad Needs to Know
  9. Dad's Game Plan for Raising Sons and Daughters
  10. Maximum Parenting
  11. A Man and His Work
  12. Two Visions of Work
  13. Coming "Alive" at Work
  14. Making a Name for Yourself at Work
  15. Taking God to Work
  16. Launching a Lifelong Winning Streak

DVD Pack: $299.00   Buy
The 16-DVD set includes all presentations, each with approximately 45 minutes of content.
CD Pack: $139.00   Buy
The CD Pak contains the audio portion of all 16 teaching sessions.
Workbook /Workbook: $9.95   Buy
Designed in a fill-in-the-blank format, this workbook allows viewers to be actively involved in following each of the 16 sessions. Also includes questions for small-group discussion.

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